In the small historic town of Jackson, Louisiana, stands a large brick Greek Revival mansion built in 1836. The Doric columned house, lighted by great shuttered windows and entered by wide doors, sits in quiet splendor filled with elegant antiques.

Wide porches avove and below add the finishing touches to the front and rear facades of the house. Inside, the great hall and spiral stairway, large high ceilinged rooms and wooden floors, match the outside in elegant simplicity.

Experience the quiet tranquility of our sleepy historic town and the friendliness of our neighbors, and enjoy resting amongst the lovely antiquities of this elegant home- truly soothing to the soul.

We know you'll settle in for a memorable visit, and allow this historic treasure to speak of times past, when life was not lived at the frantic pace of today.

We look forward to sharing the ambiance of Milbank House with our Bed and Breakfast guests.